How to plan for College ?

Choosing which college you are going to attend is a big decision. Probably for the first time in students life, you are going to have a chance to determine where students are going to spend four or more years of there life's. So students should not make the mistakes that high school students make and wait until the last minute to prepare for and select a college. Too often students wait until their senior year even the last semester of their senior year to decide where they want to go to college.
Colleges have specific admissions requirements: Most of the colleges especially in the areas of science and maths have specific admission requirements. If students wait until there senior year is underway to check into the admission requirements of colleges that interest them. Also some colleges have certain score requirements, if students' scores are not high enough to meet their standards students may need to try again. If students prepare for college in advance by deciding during th…

How to develop long lasting Friendship in College

The friends that students make in college are completely different from any other friends you will make in your entire life. Unlike your high school friends, you actually chose these bonds based on the common interests. Since many students who are in college may not have family or friends from high school nearby they are looking for other people to study with and hang out. Friends from college are totally different than the friends from high school because bonding is totally different in college compared to high school. In college bonding increases of late night study sessions, having dinner together, or during long drives back home. These college friends are very special and are like family away from home. During college there are many ways to develop these friendships, which have the potential of becoming lifelong friendships.
1: Roommates

Many students make lifelong friendship with the roommates. If students have a good experience with the roommate during the first year of college; y…

6 Tips Every College Freshmen Should Know

Adjusting to college life can be tough task for students who are in the transition from high school. While there may be some ups and downs along the way, here are 6 things that freshmen should Know once they are on campus. Maintain College budget
While students and parents are aware of college costs, they should also be aware of the hidden costs. Keeping track of all expenses will force students to be accountable for extracurricular expenses, including clothing purchases and evenings out with friends. Get along with roomates
Major problem for many college students is adjusting or sharing space with other people. Roommates can avoid problems if they are starting. Having conversations about cleaning schedules or having more friends can ensure roommates are on the same page. Be Proactive about Fighting College Stress
There are many things that can pressure new college students: making friends, doing well in class, and improve their resume. But first-year students may be able to r…

Effective ways of studying

Studying is an essential part of student's life while in college. In fact studying will probably dominate a significant part of students life. Studying should be a more than just a cramming session. Successful studying is an on going process that begins with the first day of classes and involves managing your time and learning effectively from texts, lectures and labs. This article will helps students to enhance their studying
Review Material Regularly

Before any student can begin studying, good study habits begin much earlier in the term. To effectively study it is very important to review regularly the material from lectures, seminars and textbooks.
Create A Study Schedule

Once students get the syllabus from professor, Students should probably start planning for every semester. Planning early will help students to stay on track. Scheduling can also allow students to spread out the work. When writing down the schedule students should make it very realistic as well as challenging. Mak…

Major difference between College and University

Students are quite confused after their schooling because they want to take admission for higher education. This question arises in the mind of every student, What is the difference between college and university? The difference between college and university not only varies in their meanings, but they also differ from region to region. Different countries like UK, USA, Canada, Japan, India, China, etc.. defines college and university in a variety of ways.
Definition of College
The term, college has been derived from a Roman word “Collegium”. In many countries, colleges are referred as ‘secondary school’. College is an educational institution where students are offered degree and diploma courses for further studies. In basic, colleges are a part of universities. But, there are some colleges which are independent and not affiliated with any university, the college itself awards the degree and diplomas for the students. The main advantage of this colleges are they are smaller in size than…

Difference between Government college and Private college

Choosing a college is one of the biggest and most important decision in  student's life. This decision will not determine how and where students will spend the next 3-4 years and also will have a huge impact on the rest of there files i,e job prospects and future growth. Among all the confusion and chaos of choosing the right college and trying not to miss any admission deadlines, Students often get confused while choosing between private college and government college. Various factor influences students decision in choosing between private and government college which are
College Fees

In government colleges the fees are very low. This is because the government decides the fees (and with the reservation quotas in place, different sets of group, economically backward and lower castes have big fee waivers). Government college students have to pay negligible amount as yearly fees. Where as private colleges charge very huge amount as fees. It's the college management which decide th…

5 signs that proves you're more fit than you think

By looking for signs that we are more fit than we think, we can instantly increase our level of confidence and fitness through changing our perspectives, feeling proud and successful, and concentrating on our own strengths, rather than comparing them with others. Look for these five signs to know that you are more fit than you think you are :  1. Test yourself standing throughout the day

Basically some people are more active than other. They can stand more than they sit. If you stand as much as you sit in a whole day or if you stand few minutes after every hour, there are chances that you're more fit than you think. 2. Work Place

If you hyper active by doing all your work in time and cognitive skills at work, since you've start on exercise plans, than you are fitter than you think and you’re a great organizer and problem solver. Research proves those who exercise more h